about aopta - the property tax experts

our mission is to demystify the property tax appeal process for california property owners, offering expert representation to minimize taxes and maximize savings.

who we are

AOPTA The Property Tax Experts offers intuitive, robust and fully-integrated property tax appeal and optimization solutions.  We’re passionate about saving our clients money on property taxes and solving problems that over-burden property owners. Under the guidance and vision of Anthony O’Connor, Owner and Founder, AOPTA is the first “fintech” property tax appeal firm in California.  What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to produce results that matter and deliver customized offerings to our clients, as well as cultivate an internal employment environment for our fantastic team of specialists. 

In Spring of 2023, AOPTA developed a Search. Click. Return platform named Ytrepo.com specifically designed to take the complication out of property tax appeal. The portal makes it easy for any Californian to “Search” their property, “Click” to see if they are over-paying on property taxes, file for an appeal and let our team “Return” the property tax over-payments.

AOPTA - The Property Tax Experts Team

about the founder

Anthony O'Connor

Owner and Founder
AOPTA - The Property Tax Experts

Anthony’s impressive career in the appraisal industry spans over two decades, during which he has held various positions and achieved remarkable success. He began his career in residential and commercial appraisal with a reputable Inland Empire firm, where he quickly established himself as a skilled appraiser. In 2001, he took charge of the residential appraisal division and successfully built it up, earning recognition for his excellent work.

In 2005, Anthony was promoted to perform commercial appraisals, a position that further honed his skills and expertise. He demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and was eventually entrusted with managing the divisions, which he did with great efficiency and success.

As the market began to recover from the devastating 2008-2009 housing crisis, Anthony recognized an opportunity to leverage his expertise in the valuations of distressed properties. In 2010, he developed a team that analyzed valuations of distressed properties across the country for Chase Bank, earning accolades for his outstanding work.

In 2014, Anthony joined a leading tax appeal firm in San Diego, where he quickly rose through the ranks, achieving the role of Executive Vice President of Valuation. During his seven-year tenure, he made significant contributions to the firm’s growth and success, earning a reputation as a highly skilled and respected expert in the field.

In October 2021, Anthony took the next step in his illustrious career by forming AOPTA The Property Tax Experts, a firm focused on delivering consistent client service and exceptional results. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Anthony is poised to make a significant impact in the property tax industry and continue his track record of success.

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